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Starting out with Skulltag Multiplayer

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I've decided add Skulltag to my list of source ports alongside GZDoom, mostly for the multiplayer component (I admit I've never played a game of Doom Deathmatch in my life :/). Before I do some serious mucking about though, I just wanted a general survey of what the Doomworld Forums thinks: What are some of the more popular WADS/Mods/addons that somebody using Skulltag for the first time should look into?

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Just stick to Skulltag Stock DM and the various co-op servers for a bit, you'll get the hang of it. Once you do, there's plenty of good DM packs and mods, your server browser should download necessary WADs when you try to join servers.

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I suggest downloading ZDaemon and Odamex as well, using Doomseeker with all of them, and then ordering the servers by number of players. Then read down the list until you see one that looks interesting.

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