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ZDaemon Thursday Night XmaSurvival - Whitemare

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Worst found an nice xmas-themed gem tonight for all of us to get all festive. Let's hope you've been preparing for your feast a few days early because this wad is packed with demon-turkey! We have a top secret resource pwad under construction in our high-tech TNS labs too, which will be announced soon.

  • Skill: Ultra Violence
  • PWADs: [url=""http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16356""]Whitemare[/url], ???
  • Maps: 01-15, 32, 16
  • Lives: 1
  • Players: 25 + 25 spectator slots
  • Servers: [L@P] & [DUI] NJ
  • When: 20:00 GMT (Euro session) / 20:00 EST (US session)
Plenty more warm, fuzzy, festive buzzes happening in Friday's Monster Mash as we run through PZMXMAS; and ZDaemon Sessions with a mystery deathmatch wad. Just grab the latest version of ZDaemon and join all the fun.

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though i rarely participate, it's really nice to see doomworld advertising things like this and nitro.

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