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Will the homepage ever return?

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I always liked this website, especially when it sported dev news about the Eternity TC with all its characters and artifacts (such as the steel stringless crossbow!). I'm kinda sad to see it (the website) abandoned like this, with defunct and outdated links, as well as banners linking to anti-BigBrother-scheme sites dying off as well. Doomworld itself is full of relics, but that's another matter. It's about the Eternity website. Having a complete homepage (doomworld.com/eternity) is WAY better than living in a subforum (doomworld.com/vb/eternity), especially because with a site you can arrange all the information you need to show in a tidy, non-thread manner, be more visible and so on.

Does it have a chance of coming back?

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Oh, so it's more complicated than I thought, he has to call for the higher in power -_-

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Mordeth said:

Like we told you before, contact Marv / support at AtomicGamer to regain access.

Do they have an email address?

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