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Custom texture requests?

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No, I just use functions and plugins in painting tools.

1. Which dimensions, preferably (whole patch as well as tiles in them)?

2. SPCDOOR2 is a "logical" texture, based on the "physical" patch DOOR15_2. I prefer patch names over texture names, because searching for textures in XWE is a little annoying. Anyway: SPCDOORS (upscaled and overlayed with the Risen3D HiRes pack analog, and a few filters)

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I challenge you to make a map which uses the BSTONE set of floors to show a kind of tide wave of blood flooding a depression area and fading away, at least once... is that possible via "raise and change texture" effects?

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I wonder if there are any projects to procedurally generate textures based on a style. (such as marble, tech, etc)

Patch names over texture names, gotcha.

I like the shading of those door textures, especially the last set.

I haven't been doing any mapping recently though, due to finding a job finally haha, but I plan on continuing in the future.

That's a cool idea for the blood. I've only been working on maps for vanilla doom, and I know in vanilla doom the set of animated textures is preset. I'm sure you could do something like this in zdoom, which I am just starting to get into now.

For BSTONE, I would say add a few more frames perhaps? Finish with one where the blood has receded, but the tops of the rocks would still have some blood left on them.

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