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Odamex Saturday Nitro #19 - A Merry UDMXMas

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Merry Christmas! There's no better way to spend the holidays than spending time with family, opening presents, eating desserts, and of course playing Odamex. It's a special time of year, so it's only fitting to run a special kind of wad, UDMX. Nearing the 3rd year since its release, UDMX has captivated the mind and soul of all who have played it. Something else captivates minds and souls... oh yeah, Christmas. What a good match.

WAD: udmx
Maps: 32
Mode: 16-Player DM
Server: CoffeeNet
Date:Saturday, December 24th @ 8pm EDT

Don't forget to check out #odamex on the OFTC or QuakeNet networks before and after each session.

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U D M X...


Holy shit, I think I figured out where the port's name comes from. o_O

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