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Need website links that have sky textures

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I currently have an idea for a wad and already began working on it, the one thing I really need is a custom sky texture for a space setting I already know how to insert it into the wad but I just need some good quality sky textures...if theres a site that you know of that has it please drop me a link. I already checked on Realm667 and I don't think they have any sky textures.

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Have you checked the archives? A quick search turned up Skypack 1, Skypack 2, Skypack 3, Beautiful Strange Doom Sky Pack, Rise of the Triad skies pack, Icesky, Lucius' Crazy Skys (version 2), NewDoom Skys - Doom II Version, Night Sky, Quake 2 Skys (Doom 2 Version) and Doom Starfield (version 2). Texture packs converted from other games also tend to include skies, so you might like to check some of those out as well.

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