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Demo recording in the different DOOM ports

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Hi there!

Since I discovered the existence of DooM ports that allows us all to play coop and dm over the internet too short a while ago, I wanted to try and see how the recording of demos works with the different engines.

Up 'til now I was only successful with the original DOOM2.EXE through a fake IPX'er like MSN Gaming Zone and with Doom Legacy through the Doom Connector (in which only the moderator can successfully record, so other players don't have to add -record and -maxdemo), but unfortunately few people use either port to play in multiplayer mode, because in both ports the synchronization is done by the mod only, resulting in 'laggy' (BUT MUCH MORE ACCURATE!) gameplay.

Does anyone know how to record with the other ports (like ZDOOM, which should work with -record, but gives a fatal error if I use it in the Doom Connector)? If anyone has nice mp lmps to share, please send'em!

Salutations are irrelevant; Scorpion

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