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Pickup state in a decorate weapon

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Hello all,
I have a modified shotgun weapon like this:

ACTOR Shot_Gun : Shotgun Replaces Shotgun
some code

But the pickup state is never entered. What's wrong? I need to execute a script every time a shotgun is found.
Thank you.

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I don't know where this Pickup: as a state comes from.

Maybe taking a look at this tutorial
will help. However, this is just the DECORATE, no sounds, no sprites.

or, download some shotgun examples from REALM667 and have a look how the DECORATE was set up.
These are fully established weapons with sounds and sprites. Simply attach the action special to the weapon. It will be executed on pickup.

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Kappes Buur said:

I don't know where this Pickup: as a state comes from.

CustomInventory, which are the only things where they work. Weapons aren't CustomInventory descendants.

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Gez said:

CustomInventory, ....

I need some enlightening on the subject :-)

If the goal is to include the weapon in the inventory, what is the difference then between the CustomInventory's Pickup: state, and Weapon.SlotNumber X, which places the weapon into the inventory at location X ?

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