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I completely and totally approve of this. Yay hextiles. :P

If I have to nitpick (read: I always have to nitpick), I'd say that the architecture does look very orthogonal, which might not work in the game's favor, but it's still delightfully oldschool. So yay. :P

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Wowow, yea this looks so awesome :O. I think the 16-bit artstyle and all of the colors being used really makes it stand out in a great way. Though I have to agree with Xaser that the mapping is super orthogonal. Not necessarily a bad thing given the artwork and if the gameplay is good.

In fact this sort of reminds me of that style I'm hoping to work with (16-bit style, though maybe a bit less cartoon~ish) for Retrograde. So this is pretty cool to see :D

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The orthogonal mapping seems to be a very conscious decision. From the thread linked to in the first post:

Everything is redone, all the textures as well as the GFX, sounds, and Music. the game's visuals are not limited to a single 'floor' like wolf3d, but share some of the blocky grid aesthetics.

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