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The Disappearance of Tyler Markham

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The Union Aerospace recently held a press conference concerning the disappearance of a group of archaeologists, led by 30 year-old Tyler Markham.

The UAC has been experimenting with teleportation, which, if successful, could change humankind forever. Last Saturday, they successfully opened the first teleporter, which, according to them, was a gate between the labs on the Deimos base and an Archaeological site on Phobos. Scientists on Deimos tested the teleporters by sticking their hands into one and asking the scientists on Phobos to confirm if their hand emerged through their teleporter. However, the Phobos scientists claimed the others' hands had not emerged.

Clearly the portal was leading somewhere, so the scientists stuck a camera through the teleporters to take photographs, which came out blank. After this, they sent the archaeologists through the teleporter with cameras attached to their chests. When they entered, the gate unexpectedly closed and the video was nothing but static, except for one frame which came in at around 30 minutes:

In this picture we see what appears to be a large cavern filled with a blood-red liquid, along with what appears to be a torch. There are two orange objects which are still unidentified, and a mysterious green glow can be seen to the right of the torch.

With the photo slightly enhanced, forensic scientists discovered what appears to be a humanoid figure, that may be the source of the green glow.

This story will be updated as more information is discovered.

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