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Heretic: Order & Chaos V2.2 Released! 5/31/12

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What is Order & Chaos?
A class-based weapons mod & gameplay mutator for Heretic. Choose to play either Order or Chaos, each with its own take on classic Heretic weapons, then fight through maps where the atmosphere itself is draining your health, bit by bit. Health powerups are extremely rare, and the only way to really heal up is to keep killing your enemies. If you health drops below fifty, your weapons get power boosts like those seen in vanilla Heretic's Tome of Power.


Download v2.2

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Version 2 is now out! Check the first post for the download:

-Max health & armor is 500; really no point in having it higher.
-Monster variants from Legions have been added.
-Explosion sound for Phoenix Eggs fixed.
-Powered altfire for the Hellstaff has been changed; the barriers no longer ignore pitch and can be placed more freely. A second tap of secondary fire while barriers are deployed destroys them, which creates an explosion damaging surrounding enemies.
-Altfire & powered altfire for the Demonclaw have been changed.
-Altfire & powered altfire for the Dominion Rod changed; the gargoyles no longer resurrect enemies (was probably too confusing, since friendlies didn't look any different), and you can kill the summoned gargoyles by pressing secondary fire again, which creates an explosion damaging surrounding enemies.
-Large & Small Roulette Ammo pickups will randomly pick another ammo type to give if the first is maxed out.

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Version 2.1 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

Version 2.1 Changelog:
-Wraithknight throws two axes instead of three.
-Fixes to Ironlich-replacement random spawners on difficulty 1.
-Randomized spawners should now be working properly on difficulty 2.
-Nerfed the Vampire's flame attack; takes more time for it to explode.
-Puppetmasters no longer incorrectly go translucent after doing their spreadshot attack.
-Puppetmaster's spreadshot projectile death state fixed.

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Version 2.2 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

Version 2.2 Changelog:
-The Demonclaw altfire now properly takes away ammo, and when powered, fires 3 homing bouncers for the same ammo cost as the original.
-The Bloodhunger Crossbow can be switched immediately after firing a shot.
-The Death Gauntlets now use the appropriate puffs when charge punching while powered.
-Dynamic lights added to monsters & projectiles that were missing them
-Fixes to randomspawners.
-Lighter weapons (gauntlets and claws) have different bob styles.
-The first frame of projectile sprites for the Order class' Hellstaff and the Chaos class' Dominion Rod are now randomized, so that it looks a little better when firing a continous stream of projectiles.

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