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Eternity Engine v3.40.20 "Mjolnir"

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Ho ho ho, Santa Quas is here, bringing you the newest Eternity Engine release with tons of Christmas cheer!

What's New:
* Features New to Version 3.40.20 *

These include some of the major features added in the latest version:

- Compatibility -

  * Structured emulation of DOOM thinker corruption that occurs when 
    triggering a vertical door line bordering a sector that is subject to a 
    different type of action (ie. plat, floor, ceiling, crusher, etc.)

- EDF Features -

  * A_Scratch action now supports an "immediate operand" mode 3, which allows
    the damage to be specified directly in the argument list.
  * All mnemonics are now limited to no less than 128 characters in length
    (some definition types support unlimited-length mnemonics).

- Hexen Support Progress -

  * SNDINFO lumps are now supported for digital sound effects and music

- Hi-Def Music Support -

  * "s_hidefmusic" console variable enables support for loading HD music 
    packs. After enabling the cvar and closing Eternity, create a "music" 
    folder under any of the base/<game> folders and then place your HD music
    files into the directories. 
      * mus_cptd.ogg
      * mus_e1m1.ogg
      * mus_e1m2.ogg
      * etc. (not all music lumps have to be present as files)
    As long as the files are in a format supported by SDL_mixer, and are named
    the same as the lump they should replace, minus the extension, they will 
    be preferred over the IWAD's music lumps (PWADs can still replace music as
    normal). Note that the case of the filenames is not considered significant
    under Linux when matching to the corresponding music lumps.
    NOTE: MP3 format is strongly disrecommended, for now, due to bugs in the 
          SDL_mixer smpeg decoder.
- Interface Enhancements -

  * Freedoom IWADs are now supported via the graphical IWAD chooser if paths
    are configured in base/system.cfg.
  * PNG-format screenshots are now supported.

- Optimizations - 

  * Faster peer-to-peer networking protocol with basic compression.
  * Screen patches are normalized with respect to host CPU endianness at load
    from disk only, and not every time they are drawn to the screen.
  * Hash table member pointers are passed at compile time instead of at run

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Wow, just in time!

Excellent, looking forward to getting everything up and running on this.

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It's hammer time! And good to know you're still seeking to painstakingly support vanilla Doom quirks!

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