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Can WinMBF bugs be tracked?

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I'm having some problems (in a mod) that cause the game to crash in WinMBF, but work fine in Eternity. All that WinMBF tells me is the "SDL Parachute Deployed" procedure. Is it possible to make it display the source of the error so I can report the bugs properly?

It's a WAD/BEX combo mod.

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I believe the SDL parachute is an optional piece of code to catch exceptions. I have come across the term and one doom port disables it to get a core dump instead, but I have been ground down trying to get DoomLegacy to compile and run on a Mac OSX, and may be confused a little.
In the belief that such things are many times wad fields that are accepted or fixed by one port, but crash another, you could get a copy of the latest SVN of DoomLegacy and run it with the -v2 switch (verbose level 2), which will get a couple pages of wad incontistency warnings.
Or the -devparm switch on many ports.

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