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[WIP] Too evil

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This is my Doom 1 megawad project I might have been talking about around here. Since I've finished the part of gathering resources and I can now focus on mapping, I'm posting this thread now.

This mod is for MBF and will replace all Doom monsters with badass equivalents from the bestiary and modified to be extremely dangerous. Sure, your guns will also be improved a bit and made to look badass, just so you get a chance. Some of the common monsters can sap 90% of your health in one hit.

I seek to replace all 27 maps with new ones, though it may take me many years to complete, because yeah, I've completed E1M1 (but it needs balancing) and I'm currently working on E1M2 and E2M1. There will be a vague plotline governing the wad, which will lead into a sequel for Eternity, which will allow me even more features.

Screenshots are here:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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MBF? Why?

The first couple screens look alright. Architecturally, the first one looks the best to me. That fourth screen is pretty obviously unfinished though o.O

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Pavera said:

MBF? Why?

In my opinion it's the best balance between classic and modern. It gives me all the Dehacked power I need without allowing me to make a total conversion. And I'll try to make it playable in popular ports like PrBoom or ZDoom. They support most MBF features but not quite all. I hope I'll convince the programmers to solve whatever compatibility bugs still exist. Eternity is guaranteed. Screenshots captured in Eternity. I admit I'm currently having problems running it in WinMBF (seg faults and escape deployments when certain limit-pushing monsters are killed), but if it runs in aforementioned ports, all will be fine.

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Screenies look pretty neat! I hope it's ZDoom compatible as that's my preferred port. Looking forward to this! :)

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