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Doom - Evil Unleashed 1.6

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Knee-deep in the Dead – Part 6


The former human stood with its back turned. Its head was bald and its arms very muscular. It held a shotgun and wore a battered combat armor vest, with several bloodstains on it.

I withdrew my "souvenir", the energy-powered Knuckle-duster, slipped it onto my left hand and stealthily snuck up on the shotgun guy. I hammered my metal-covered fist into the creature's temple. It let out a low grunt of pain as blue sparks leapt from the side of its head, leaving a burnt wound. It turned to face me in time to receive my metal-spiked fist directly on the underside of his nose, hammering its nose bone into its brain and ripping its face apart.

After getting what ammunition the corpse could yield, I checked the lab I had just entered. I saw lots of tools hanging on one of the walls on hooks – tools for repairing or building weapons. There were a few computer screens as well – all showing static. At the far end wall was what looked like an armored weapons container for special weapons and to the left was a thick glass pane. Looking out through the glass pane, I could see a sort of firing range – I noticed several piles of burnt ashes out there.

This was obviously a weapons testing lab. I found a printout lying on the light gray, square-tiled floor. Picking it up, I saw the headline: "Test results for prototype Plasma Beam Frequency Gun model 9000"

I stared at the sheet, not knowing what to think. Apparently they had developed a new type of beam frequency guns or BFGs as they were generally referred to – the marines had nicknamed them Big Freaking Guns, because the weapons were enormous handheld guns that dealt out death like nothing else. The BFG was a fairly new type of gun – the most advanced version this far emitted an invisible death ray in a cone shooting out from the barrel of the gun – annihilating everything organic in its path and messing up electronic circuits as well. A number of different versions had been made before this one, but they had all been too unstable. The BFG model 8000 was the only beam frequency gun to be deemed stable and safe enough for troops to use.

From what I could read, model 9000 shot out a large ball of plasma energy, effective against armored vehicles, and once the ball had been ignited upon impact it would initiate the type of death ray that the older version of the BFG fired, but this seemed to be more advanced as the BFG 9k could determine how "solid" the target was and "distribute" more power to disrupt better protected targets.

This was an improvement of the Target Identification System already implemented in 8k version of the weapon. This system could identify friendly units and somehow instruct the weapon not to zap them.
It was also written that "Model 9000 has proven to be the most stable beam frequency weapon developed this far. So far, model 9000 hasn't had any jams or other malfunctions and it is as simple to use as model 8000."

"If I could get my hands around that gun..." I mumbled to myself, while looking around in the brightly lit laboratory. I noticed that one of the container doors was slightly open. I flung it aside – nothing.
It appeared that someone had already taken the prototype gun, probably one of my buddies, as the "converted" killers were too mindless to figure out how to use such a weapon. I had noticed that the former humans only seemed to remember the stuff, which they were trained for as real humans. I let my eyes run over the sheet one more time. This new gun was fired exactly the same way as the less advanced version, except that it had a delay before firing the plasma ball. This was indeed good news because that meant that I was basically educated to handle this weapon already as I had received training in the use of the BFG 8000.

If only I could find that gun and some cells for it.

I continued my search for the exit elevator to the monorail.


I entered an office. It was dark in there, but I noticed a monitor on a desk near a window, which seemed to be working. I peered curiously at the screen.
"Record of past projects" it read.

I scrolled down the screen looking for something interesting. There were a lot of projects, which meant little to me, but then I found something: "Genetic enhancement"
I touched the screen on the field and watched as the screen changed. I gasped.

Most of the text was turned into symbols and numbers like the active projects list I had seen in the Command Control station, but a picture caught me attention.
It was a picture of a young man, probably 25-30 years old, with light brown hair and thick eyebrows. He had blue eyes and they looked like mine. I had seen another picture of this man before.

It was my father.

I read through the messed up text and realized that my dad, a decorated marine like myself, had participated in an experiment to test a chemical drug of some sort which I couldn't make out from the text, and this drug could enhance his reflexes, strength and pain tolerance after a few weeks. Unfortunately, as the report stated, the dose had fatal side effects. My father died a year after receiving the injection – his brain simply stopped working. But the drug had in fact improved his combat abilities only weeks after receiving the dose.

This was the last place I expected to find information about my dad and I couldn't really digest the news.

A strange eerie sound brought me back to the harsh reality. I spun around, looking down a dark hallway adjacent to the office. It sounded like something was moving down the hallway – I heard a rhythmic thumping sound drawing nearer, like heavy feet pounding on the tiled floor – but I couldn't see anything. If only I had a light ampflication visor attached to my helmet.
I heard the eerie sound again. It sounded like some sort of ghostly, muffled howling.
And then I noticed movement. I couldn't see the shape, but something was moving towards me. I instinctively pulled the trigger of my chain gun, spraying a deadly burst at whatever was in the hallway. I heard an inhuman scream followed by a hellish howl of rage. The thing swiftly moved closer and closer. I backed out of the office into the lighted area outside the office.

Then I saw it.
It had a burly shape, a little like the "bulls" but it was slimmer and walked on its hind legs. I fired again and again, pumping several rounds into the thing, until it fell with a ghostly howl. It was tough, but not as tough as the "pinkies". This thing gave me the willies, but at least it wasn't clever enough to move silently. Otherwise I could've been dead.
"Ghosts inside the base?" I thought a bit shocked. "Oh brother, what's next?"


Having encountered a few more of those ghostly "spectres" I reached the monorail track leading to the Processing Plant. The fact that the one rail track, which could have brought me straight to the Research Facility from the Command Control Station, was broken only made me depressed. I could have been at the Research Facility by now, but instead I had to fight through every single building in the base, which greatly slowed my progress.

There was no train available, but I just needed to press a button to call the train to the station.
While waiting for the train to arrive I reflected a bit about the news I had gotten about my dad. Had I inherited his "enhancements"? It seemed very likely, but it meant that the side effects didn't affect me - I hadn't experienced any symptoms of any kind.

There was another nagging question which I tried to find answers for: Why had my dad participated in this experiment in the first place?
He must have been given a big, fat bonus as well as a bigger life insurance.
I looked around with my eyes and ears fully open, still on the lookout for more of these "spectre" monsters. But the monorail platform was as silent as the grave.

"What a depressingly sad way for a soldier to die" I thought to myself, shifting my mind back to the fate of my dad.

The train arrived, interrupting my thoughts.


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Very nice, just add some more reflexions before the train arrives. Just expand a little on what he was thinking about initially. Otherwise it's like the train arrives in half a second.

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Yeah, I admit that the ending of this chapter was a bit rushed - I'll edit it sometime, thanks for the suggestion Zal, I appreciate it :-)
[edit]I just added some lines to the ending of the chapter[/edit]

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