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Hexen Beta Resources

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Well i bump this thread, no one parcipiated here except me, so i fell i don't broke any rules, anyway it not means i need create new topic (dublicate) point of this.


Any way.


I discover a lot of new heretic's and hexen's beta content





and ever more from magazines, i just posted them on hexen-game.ru (russian hexen fan site)



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There's some pretty cool stuff here. I actually quite like the Heretic statusbar with the item slots, it gives it a very RPG feel.

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I played the hexen beta posted on that topic and found stuff not mentioned in the thread:

1)Fighter's fist and Cleric's mace need 6 hits to kill ettins.. Yup fighter had an even shittier weapon than the mace. (The 3rd punch in a combo does a shitty amount of damage that the only difference is you can kill ettins in one more punch if all you do is small punches).


2) Blue mana gives a shitty 10 mana. You'll run out of mana in no time and be forced back into using terrible weapons. Unless you are mage since wand is still op as shit (And frost still costs 3 mana, better start saving for blood scourge)


3) Puzzles don't tell you something raised in 7 portals, they just tell you vague things like you hear ice cracking in the distance.


4) I think some areas have more monsters for mage? I don't remember if the big room in world of ice had afrits or not.


5) Frost shards have some weird as shit autoaim if you are elevated.


6) Fighter's fists have crazy amounts of autoaim. You can punch things off screen and instantly lock into them. Too bad it hits like shit and you'll most likely die if you get overrun!


7) 7 portals last door doesn't have a switch, you have to kill all the free roaming serpents to rotate the doors.


8) Firestorm oneshots ettins.


9) Mage's flechette XDeaths ettins way more often.


10) Centaurs seem to have an even higher pain chance.


11) Cleric's serpent staff kills ettins in 3 shots (6 projectiles) while drain wastes your mana.


12) Wraithverge seems to have way less ghost damage. Forgot to test if the main projectile still nukes pretty much everything.


13) Quietus projectiles seem to explode after they hit something by a tic AND have 0 direct damage. Hitting someone with all projectiles will waste all your overkill projectiles now lol. (Making it god aweful, with how good hammer\axe are)


14) Fighter's hammer kills ettins in 3 melees, way better than fists. Axe kills them in 2 (rarely three) and shows the unpowered blood even when powered.


15) You can do everything in world of ice\fire that doesn't require world of steel with noclip cheating. Seems same as final although I think some rooms have a bit more torches.


16) Most puzzle items are already in the beta.


I'll edit with more when I remember what I wanted to write.

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