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Need some advice for this room

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[img] fileden.com/files/2011/12/22/3242075//Screenshot_Doom_20111226_225921.png [/img]

[img] fileden.com/files/2011/12/22/3242075//Screenshot_Doom_20111226_225926.png [/img]

I've been working on this room, and to me at least it looks like it has too much gray, what would be a good texture to put on the walls?

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You may want to try adding in some computers, such as COMPSTA1 and COMPWERD. Also for the ceilings, you could add some lights to break it up and add light variation, and maybe in the second shot, lower the ceiling over the stairs for the sake of ceiling diversity.

EDIT: You can also add some gray textures, such as GRAY4, to the walls to break up the wall texture and make it less repetitive.

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if it's looking too gray/brown/green/whatever, try a few things:
- find/identify a second primary texture you'll use that contrasts with the other (in this case find something that contrasts with the grey; you already used BROWN1 which works well, so you could try using it more)
- change any surrounding flats to create contrast (in the last shot you already used the blue carpet, so you could try using that more too; flats matching BROWN1 would work well too)

and it always helps to find an additional secondary texture, like METAL2, which you already did. of course, this method of choosing two primaries and a secondary is not something you have to adhere to or even something i always do, but i find it tends to work well if you choose the right textures. another example i've used before:

primary: bigbrik1 + gray7
secondary: tekgren2

i tried to recreate the scene in shot two and very hastily add some detail, which brought me to this. certainly not the best, but i think you can at least see some of those textures working together nicely.

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Pretty much what Olympus and Tango have said. I'm not a fan of the slime14 texture as a ceiling flat, perhaps ceil3_5 will work better for the ceiling or flat19. Use some compblue on the walls in the room with the blue UAC carpet. Shawn2 always works nicely in the same manner as support3 (used for random metal support beams and stuff), and I've found spacew4 also works nicely with the grey textures.

Start layering all the walls with contrasting textures to get rid of the overwhelming grey and put some compsta1 and support3 metal beams around. Put some little lights and computer doodads on the ceiling and walls. Make some rooms have open skyroofs, make sure there are lighting variations throughout your wad.

Here's some screens from one of my wads for some ideas, I use mostly textures from doom1 and doom2, along with a few super skulltag ones with permission. Unfortunately screenshots in skulltag doesn't work for me so I had to do them in the editor...


Comp screens, lights, a little viewing window with scrolling water. I like to outline the edges on the top and bottom of the sector with a secondary texture.


Same room from a different angle.


A cool way of using shawn2 and spacew4 that I stumbled across with some lights in between.

edit: fixed typos

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