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help with XWE Animdefs

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I was trying to do breakable glass I opened up XWE...I have a breakable glass sound, and a few sprites, I know how to add sprites through XWE. But heres the problem I took the glass breaking sound from Strife, and so now I don't know how to implement it, as in I don't know what to type in "ANIMDEFS". Any help would be appreciated.

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EarthQuake said:

Unless your breakable glass is somehow done via animated textures or switches...

I could be wrong but, by the way you said that, you may not be familiar with the way ZDoom allows the use of the Strife glassbreak special


Personally, I use ACS because I find it more flexible with better results too but I just thought I'd mention the Strife special in case it was relevant.

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The switch definition in ANIMDEFS will be something like that:

switch GLASS on sound world/glassbreak pic BROKEN tics 0
Then you'll need a SNDINFO lump with something like this:
world/glassbreak	dsbglass
And you can put the DSBGLASS sound lump from Strife too.

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