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Remilia Scarlet

yukib1t writes a song about the Occupy movement

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And then she posts it here.

The song started life as an experiment to create a more “traditional” EBM bass sound on my PolyEvolver and just sort of took off from there. Although I had been wanting to write a song about the Occupy movement, I didn’t originally intend to do that with this song. But since Occupy seems to be so upset with the way the system is (at least that’s my view of it so far), this song just felt like it fit.

The lyrics (which I'm horrible at writing) are posted on my Partition 36 blog. The song itself is off of the album I'm currently writing, 63. I'm planning on making this a 2-disc album, where disc one will be more of my downtempo/synthpop stuff and disc two will have music more like this.

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Well, it certainly sounds like EBM. A little too stereotypical for my likes, but as a reproduction of late 80s, early 90s EBM I'd say it did very well.

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