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Sludge/Stoner/Doom metal album covers

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Ive really been into this genre of music for the past weeks, listening to Sleep, Intronaut, Earth, Pelican, Zoroaster, Weedeater, etc...

And I love the album covers to death, so I began to (I entirely quit cartooning, and hate the hell out of my drawings) draw this style of art, seen on the album covers.
It strongly, strongly influenced my style, and the animal portraits I had done helped me get use to this form of shading.

I just want your opinions on these drawings.
In chronological order from which I had started...



Both of these are in the same sketch





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If you want to make a career of art, I would suggest you talk to your parent's and ask them about attending some figure drawing classes. Get you around some other artists and teachers who can guide you. If you can't do that I would suggest just going outside and drawing things and people. Or you can use the internet and just google a bunch of different things.

Using reference for the things you draw is pretty much mandatory. I have folders full of reference photo's that I use while I sculpt or draw.But yeah if you really want to do art for a living, try looking up some schools or classes.

As for the drawings you put up, I don't have time to go through every one of them, but I thought the Deer drawing was one of your stronger pieces. If you don't mind I took a little time to do a paint over and another with some notes.

I tried to keep the majority of your composition in the paint over, but changed up some things. The Notes is your drawing with some hand written notes on some issues I noticed in the drawing. I hope these help :)

Paint over


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Thank you for the feed back, and that paint over you did was awesome (not what I was going for, but still very cool!)

Here, I'll post some of my personal favorites, so you don't have to go through links. Some of those I don't like, either, but I posted them as progress.



I meant to post some others, but haven't scanned them yet.

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I can feel what you're going with, but when I looked over the majority of those drawings, I'd see bits and pieces that I liked, and then a lot of stuff that seemed unnecessary. It either looked like you were running out of seem half way through, or that you lacked interest after you completed the focal area of the piece.

They're good in the sense that it shows that you can brainstorm and pump out tons of ideas one after the next, but as far as publishing this stuff, I'd suggest holding onto those as concept work and collaborating all of the good parts into one or two great works of art.

This is more of a personal taste, but when working around the genre of macabre art and the other sorts of stuff usually reflected in those genres of music, I'd recommend steering away from using light pencils. I'd even venture to say that you should stick to inks exclusively, using varieties of line work and hatching as the methods for making things pop.

The one I truly liked was the one with the hummingbird, which was probably also one of the simplest. You don't have to keep adding more if you don't want to, and if you have an artistic flair that you regret, you can always crop it away. I don't need to see every branch to know that I'm looking at a tree; I don't need to see fifty pines to know I'm looking at a forest, etc.

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