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New Year's Resolution?

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Vordakk said:

My resolution is to complete the megawad I'm working on.

Dammit I should do the same. I started in 2001 or somethin'.... oh my brain hurts.... where the hell does the time go?

I have a Zillion resolutions I should make and stick to but I suck at keeping them. I should finish my megawad, loose weight, finally write that sci-fi and or fantasy novel, create more artwork and be less lazy.

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1) Increase exercise to 50 minutes for a minimum of four times a week.

2) Decrease porn viewing as well as any sexual activity whatsoever.

3) Learn to read sheet music and play piano with some proficiency.

4) Spend more time outdoors.

5) Write at least one letter to my girlfriend.

6) Read more novels. Perhaps try to finish first three "Dune" books.

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To finish Doom 3: Phobos.
It's been a long-time ambition to release it this year, but recent developments have made that a whole lot more difficult.

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So, after considering things, I would like to achieve at least 2 of the following things:

-Learning to cook: More affordable, healthier. In general, a healthier lifestyle is what I'm striving for here. This seems like a really obtainable Step 1 to that process.

-Brewing a variety of beers: My parents got me a brew kit. I'm excited to learn the nuances of brewing beer and actually experiencing the process.

-Writing: I've got an outline of a story prepared. What I need is to decide the format - script or novel.

-Language: Living in southern California, I realize the benefits of having, at least, a basic grasp of Spanish.

-Mapping: As I mentioned before, I really really want to get my megawad out this year.

If I can get at least two of those goals accomplished, I'd go ahead and call this year productive. We shall see.

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Finish that IWAD I started back in September, only have a few voice clips and gun sprites finished. Trying to understand Doom Builder a little more before trying to make the maps fancier.

EDIT: I am going to practice cooking more than Spaghetti, Enchiladas, and Death by Chocolate. Other foods just don't turn out as good.

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