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I´m looking for this wad, Neodoom, I remember that I had it on my old PC, but the harddisk was lost and file too :( I have tried to google it, but there was only old version at Doomworld/idgames database, and I know that there I had problems with items etc. I have found that there is some newer version - Neodoom gold? - but the mainpage of Neodoom no longer works...
Is there any other possibility to get the new version?


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Not only does that site have an awesome pictorial theme akin to those old 'Quake' mapping sites I frequented back in the day, but it lists not only wads I've never heard of but some very genuinely intriguing stuff!

But it has warez.. D:

lolwat Macintosh only megawad.

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So that's where all the /idgames rejects end up (all those files with names longer than 8 chars, no TXT file, or whatever). I wonder if they have any good vanilla PWADs in there. Too bad it's nearly impossible to tell without downloading all the ZIP files. :(

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