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Many Projects, Maps and Mods deserve more attention!

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I know, this might sound like a shameless self-promotion for the Realm667 but it's definitely not my attention (no ego-boost or financial stuff, as I do not even earn money with the Realm667).

Reviews & News
As some of you may already have noticed, the Realm667 has a review section where people can submit custom reviews with detailed parameters including screenshots in a very easy and intuitive way. Same goes to the community news section where you have the same options.

Both areas at the moment though mostly live from the work that gets done by the Realm667 team itself and not by any 3rd party user or visitor which is actually a sad thing, as it was always meant to be a portal where users submit reviews and news for users. This is something concerning your own work but also concerning other work that you spot in the forums or wherever.

Ony question is now: Why does almost nobody use these features?

I actually think that this kind of interactive community-thingie is something that everyone could benefit from - people working on WIP-mods and sharing what they have so far, people who have released stuff, people who are interested in other persons work and who even want to promote that stuff and also from a players point of view taking a look at user reviews or previews of work. Actually a win-win-situation.

So we - the Realm667 team - would be very happy if these features and submission forms would be used more often, it's a chance. Any kind of review and news item is appreciated, no matter if its...

  • Self promotional for your own project
  • Promotional for a friends project
  • Developmend news of any kind you've spotted
  • Releases of good wads, mods or projects
  • News about engine updates (ZDoom, Eternity, GZDoom, any kind of sourceport)
  • News about community events (projects, deathmatch nights, whatever)
  • Reviews of wads you've played
The Realm667 turned into a website with content from the community for the community, and this is what we are still aiming for. Any kind of support is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to all of you :)

Thanks for reading,
best regards,
Torm & the Realm667 Team

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