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Using Data from abandoned projects.

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I was working on a small level and used the dual chainguns + their sound from the abandoned project (Twice Risen). I never released it, because I am concerned about copyrights and stuff like that. How does one make new graphics for doom or legally use other peoples graphics? I don't want alot of them, but there are some things that I liked alot.

Sincere Regards from a Newbie,

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First thing you ought to do is if there is a text file included with the project, skip down to the bottom where there's usually a copyright notice and what permissions the author(s) give to third parties down there.

In the case of an abandoned project and there isn't a text file and/or any copyright info included, your best bet is to try to contact the author yourself and ask.

Otherwise, if the author is not reachable it's probably pretty safe to say they don't care if you use their stuff since they don't care enough to hang around and defend their "property." If anything, they may find out after the fact and tell you not to use it then; in which case it's good practice to be respectful and remove their work.

At any rate, it's also good practice to credit others where their work is involved, even if you don't explicitly have permission. At least that way you can't be totally accused of plagiarism.

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To make your own graphics, all you need is a graphic editing program. GIMP is a good free tool for this. You'll need WAD editing tools to actually put it into the game, I recommend SLADE.

If you want to use someone's resources in your project, check the readme that comes with the resources to see if the author allows them to be freely reused. You can also e-mail the author and ask them if you need to of course.

^it's not a good idea to use resources without permission just because you can't easily contact the author.

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