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1994 Map lols

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Every once in a while on my Doom Space Marine Adventures, I like to embark into forbidden 1994 PWAD territory and explore what space junk was left behind in the 90's. Today I ventured into INFINITY.wad, but not Serenity III - Infinity like you'd think.

One thing I thought was especially notorious about this wad was that it was more of a marketing medium than a fun and enjoyable wad. Don't get me wrong, the wad was entirely playable -- well ammo was tight so I had to berserk punch most things, but the map was loaded with ads. Advertising "BEYOND INFINITY," a retailer for "CD-ROMs and Online games with over 3.5GB of content!"

The worst offender in it's marketing strategy was changing all the soundfx, making monsters into walking talking murderous advertising drones that walk around repeating the store's phone number as their active sound.


It took me about 13 minutes to complete the map and I already have the number completely memorized. Well played, Cruiser!

Even the wall panels are sick of hearing it

Despite that, it features some unreasonably long winding hallways, big rooms, repeating textures, broken textures, and Spider Mastermind battle near the starting room. Woo hoo! I sure won't forget to call BEYOND INFINITY and tell them how awesome their maps are!

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