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Do you know? [random stuff about skulltag]

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Hi all;
Do you know that when you use skulltag to play doom it allows you to do 4 different things not available in zdoom -or at least that what i found-:
1- Dynamic lighting and enhanced graphics.
2- Already-existing few custom monsters so you do not need to add others
3- Already-existing custom skies that skulltag only detects.
4- Already-existing few custom weapons.
4- The ability to show realtime bridge - it is not a 3d created by hexen format.
eg: 1- it's obvious
2- when you place a monster,it has id number called "type" like imp=3001,demon=3002...etc, so if you use skulltag you can add others, just place any monster then change his type to one of the following:
Blood Demon=5004
and many others.
eg: 3- At mapinfo write as propriety "sky1 STSKY5 0.1" then you see "night" in your wad, and yes there are other skies too change the "5" in "sky1 STSKY5 0.1" to any digit and see.
for the fourth the decription is toooooo long sorry for that.

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To defeat the cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.

The runes can be kind of fun as well. Too bad nobody maps for Skulltag SP.

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saifi said:

Do you know that when you use skulltag to play doom it allows you to do 4 different things not available in zdoom

Yeah, everybody knew that, and actually it's not when playing Doom but when playing Doom II.

The thing is simply that Skulltag automatically loads a big addon pack which features additional maps to offer a selection of maps for each of its gamemodes; the extra textures, items, weapons, monsters, skies and music are there because they're used by those maps. However, it only loads that for Doom II because it caused too many problems with the other games (Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife...) if it always loaded it regardless of game. Like, there's a fat zombie that drops the super shotgun when killed.... But in Ultimate Doom, there's no super shotgun sprites or sounds! There's also missing textures or objects in the titlemap causing a flood of error messages.

Also, the dynamic lights are those from GZDoom. It's just that in GZDoom it's an optional pk3 while in Skulltag it's lumped with the main engine resource pack.

And finally I don't know what you mean by "real time bridge" but I guess you mean a 3D floor. You'll find out that ZDoom has them too! :p

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And just to back up Gez's point.

Skulltag download ~25MB
ZDoom download ~2MB
GZDoom download ~2.3MB

ie Much of that extra content is there because you download much more stuff.

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