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Demo release of You tube poop Doom : Gensokyo on Hyrule.

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Hi, I'm working since some time on a Doom 2 mod called "You Tube Poop : Gensokyo on Hyrule".

It basically proposes new monsters (I mean, REALLY new monsters, not just a sprite swap - except for mancubus and imp if I remember well all the other monsters have 100 percent custom behaviour.), new weapons and I tried to give progressively all this a kinda "bullet hell" shooter feelling.
As the title says, the universe is gonna be a mix between what you can commonly see in You tube Poop videos and Touhou. But I added some more random stuff in here.
New bosses are also included. I tried to make the monsters with unusual shooting patterns more "shoot'em up" like. (but introduced progressively in the game). They basically have, at least two different "shooting patterns". I am trying to develop this aspect further for the second episode I am currently working on. Though, at least in the hardest mode, I assume that the first boss battle will require a bit of strategy to defeat him and his minions.

Though, it is my first attempt in modding and making map design on Doom and it is only a demo release of the first episode for now (7 levels inclding one secret.) so any constructive criticism, advices on how to improve the whole thing will be highly appreciated :).

Here is the download link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AAWM07LS

Hope you'll enjoy this humble work and bring me some helpful feedback.

I'm also looking for "beta testers" for the following episodes, as I am trying to give a new dynamic to each one.

Thanks for reading and have a good game!

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It looks like Youtube poop. And while I now that it is suppose to, I still don't really consider it a point in its favor.

The trailer contained mostly just confusing images and loud annoying sounds.

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Loud annoying sounds?
Confusing images, I can understand because I unfortunately couldn't manage to get a better framerate with my computer. (I'm using camstudio)
But loud annoying sounds, why?
Question of personnal taste, or because it's REALLY too loud?

Then I guess I'd better post screenshots cause I'm afraid I won't be able to get any smooth videos (due to the sometimes HUGE amount of shots fired by enemies, I'm afraid it just gets more confusing and not representing the real action of the mod at all... arg.)

Thanks for your feedback !

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No but seriously, I came here to get feedback about the gameplay and the whole monster weapon design etc, not to debate about if the "ytp" label is relevant or not (which you are the first one to criticise.)....

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Squadallah said:

No but seriously, I came here to get feedback about the gameplay and the whole monster weapon design etc, not to debate about if the "ytp" label is relevant or not (which you are the first one to criticise.)....

Fine enough. The sprites are terrible, the theme looks like it was designed by a 10 year old and the map looks mediocre at best. You really need to improve your sprite editing skills and your mapping skills before you attempt something this big.

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I see...

About the map design, do you speak about the map on the video or did you try the thing out a bit?

To illustrate a bit what I mean :


This is from map 5, which is more recent.

If you tried a bit to play, what do you think about the monsters behaviour? Especially if you tried the boss level (map 7)?
What is especially troublesome in the map design? The architecture design (I mean maybe plain textures, too flat, not detailed enough?), the way monsters are placed, keys, switches etc? Or both?

But, well anyway, back to the working desk to improve all that, thanks :)

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Memfis said:

So, just having MAH BOI SPAGHETTI DINNER LOL in your wad is not enough to call it a YTP mod.

It figures. They take a concept like 'making the worst piece of crap video you can imagine' and put weeks of effort into it. This is why we can't have nice things.

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I would be very grateful if we could go back on the topic which is not if youtube poop suck or not but about how the gameplay , mapdesign and so on of this demo is, and furthermore, what should, in your opinion be improved

"changing the concept of the wad" being , of course, among the wrong answers that I don't need.
Yes, the concept is some kinda retarded humour, that was quite the purpose of putting retarded monsters. Surprising, huh?

THOUGH, I did my best to propose the best gameplay I could offer with my capacities and that's the point of this topic. I don't claim to have made the wad of the century, very very very far from that, I'm just here to present the work as it is now in order to get some helpful advices.
And if some like it, then it's a bonus.

Thanks for your understanding.

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