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For those who know DDF or any edge coding, i'm at just a bit of a problem:

One of the key 8 weapons, the cell mike, is supposed to have one continuous weapon looping firing noise, like it plays the sound once but then loops as soon as its done firing. For now only a blip is in place because its tempoarly under the singular tag for the firing noise. If anyone knows how to make it properly looping, i'll be in your debt.

Also, one of the weapons alt fire exchanges your health for a chance to get an invulnerability sphere, like a 50/50 chance to either kill ya or make you invulnerable. Only thing is I'm not too sure how to make an attack that pretty much grants you a benefit like that. If you look through the code you can see that I tried a spawner thats instantaneous and drops the sphere instantaneously too, but that didn't work. If anyone can figure that one out, that'd be awesome too. Thanks again for the help to those who can figure it out! :D

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You need two things to make a sound loop:
(1) LOOP=TRUE; in the sounds.ddf entry
(2) keep playing the sound, e.g. using PLAYSOUND(XXX) action in the state frames. Each attempt to play the sound just marks a flag to make the currently playing sound play one more loop.

Very short sounds (fractions of a second) are not recommended, it may help to edit it and append two, three (or whatever) copies on the end.

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P.S. for the other thing I suggest using RTS scripting, you can make a script start running from a weapon using the RTS_ENABLE_TAGGED(##) action.

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