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GZDoom Dynamic Lights

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Anyone who plays GZDoom has probably noticed this, but the clipping of the dynamic lights from things such as soulspheres lamps and candles doesn't look right because it goes right through walls. Just a random thing that has annoyed me lately

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Yeah, it's annoying, but it's not going to change; unless an OpenGL wizard volunteers a resource-efficient fix.

It's not a trivial thing to clip light sources. E.g., the Quake engine doesn't, either. Just look:

In the room of the silver key, look straight ahead from the cage the key resides in. On the opposite wall a pool of light spills from a secret door. Shoot it and it will open.

In advanced Quake ports like Dark Places, the light is properly clipped by the opaque door, so you can't find this secret as the walkthrough says. But before you ask, no, GZDoom cannot use Dark Places' code, both for legal (incompatible licenses) and technical (completely different code architecture) reasons.

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