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Captain Red

Hay, my B-day, is the same day as doomworlds!!!

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I just noticed that now. heh. march the 13th.
happy b-day to me and doomworld. keep rock'n or somthing... go ling.

i'm 19 now...fab.

and what better way to celerbrate then this link.


cheers :)

[edit]fixed link. thanks esco![/edit]

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Hey happy b'day dawg! Believe it or not, mah birthday was yesterday dawg... I just turned 23! Damn mah ass is gettin old!

Happy 19th! Now go out... drink, smoke, dance, and holler at some good lookin honeys dawgs!
/me passes CT a fat blunt full of christmas bud, wrapped in a 10 dollar bill, and a fine lookin italian honey/

EDIT: yo CT, da link don't seem to work dawg! Just figured I'd let ya know. I'm usin IE, and I tried clickin, and cut/paste!

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