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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #23 - Scythe (Part I)

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For this week's instalment of survival, we have Scythe, made by Erik Alm. Scythe is a legendary megawad which has been listed as one of the top wads of 2003. It consists of small, well-designed maps that flow great and are a blast to play. In order to keep things interesting, we are running 02xpain, a wad which doubles the monster damage.

  • Skill: Ultra Violence
  • PWADs: scythe, 02xpain, tskins1e, miekskins-r3
  • Maps: 01-15, 31
  • Lives: 1
  • Players: 25/50
  • Servers: [L@P] & [DUI] NJ
  • When: 20:00 GMT (Euro session) / 20:00 EST (US session)
There are also hectic boss battles next Friday at FMM #16, and Instagib fun-for-all on Saturday at ZDS #229. Just grab the latest version of ZDaemon and join all the fun.

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we ended up playing the whole megawad, because part1 wasn't challenging enough, heh. the only massive roadblock during the first rotation was map30, the second one with -fast and 4x dmg was pretty tough during maps 32, 26, 29 and of course 30 again.

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Evolution said:

lol'd hard at your collection of deaths 47mins into that vidya, Anima... :D

A prime example of how to fail an attempt in 15 seconds or less ;P.

I'm still partial to that HK trolling in map 32 though on the 1st rotation.

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