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Occam's Cinema - Need some direction

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I am not sure what to do with the upper left room seen in this screenshot, which a 3d view screen seen under it.

Any input would be appreciated, as I want to make it more than just theaters, hallways and bathrooms..

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Make an actual big outdoors-y area, like the exterior of the building n' such. Those always help a lot to add a sense of place to things and make a map seem less like a bunch of hallways.

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Movie theatres often have a pretty large foyer because of how high the ceilings on the theatres are, and they use that for lots of movie posters etc. One I occasionally go to has a huuuuuge foyer with two grand staircases on either side leading up to the bathrooms up top and give access to the projectors. They have a concession stand in the middle under the bathrooms and on either side of that are the wings for the theatre entrances. With some creative line teleporting you could recreate that 2-story structure.

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What is up with that 45 degree slant you gave yourself there. That looks like an atrocious undertaking to map!

Also, what did you mean "more than"? Like theaters, hallways, bathrooms... and a spaceport? I dig that.

It would be cool if you could somehow use marb textures and bricks ever so lightly to bring out a cryptic nuance to the atmosphere.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

I think you need more theaters too, only 2 seems like a very small one. The ones I go to generally have at least 10.

Well, they're on 1024 px grid @ 13%, so I don't think that the theatres are too small.

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