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Doomseeker & Chocolate Doom help?

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I didn't know Whether to post this in "Doom General" or "Source Ports" but since It involves Chocolate Doom I posted here. But anyways, today I got Doomseeker because it supports Chocolate Doom and I've been craving some Chocolate/Vanilla Doom multiplayer. But when I go to "Configure," it asked for "Path to client binary" and "Path to server binary." I didn't really know what they meant by this so I put "C:/Chocolate-Doom-1.60/chocolate-doom.exe" for client and "C:\Chocolate-Doom-1.60/chocolate-server.exe" for server. When ever I try to start a server, Chocolate-Doom immediately stops responding. I later changed server to "C:/Chocolate-Doom-1.60/chocolate-doom.exe" and then "C:/Chocolate-Doom-1.60/chocolate-setup.exe" but both gave me the same results.

I am running Windows 7, 64 bit and Chocolate-Doom v1.60, Doomseeker v0.8 beta and all my ports are forwarded properly and Chocolate-Doom normally runs fine. All Iwad files are v1.9.

Thank you and if you ever want to play with me over Chocolate-Doom or DOSBox, let me know.

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We probably need to rethink the way Doomseeker handles starting Chocolate Doom servers. Chocolate Doom doesn't have servers that are set up for a predefined combination of settings like most ports. Instead they are determined by the first player who connects (Doomseeker will prompt the server creation dialog before joining if it thinks you are this player).

In short, to start a new server all you need to do is run the chocolate-server binary.

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