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General Rainbow Bacon


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NoobBait said:

Pretty much everything you need to know is here. Some heavier reading on glides can be found here.

That first link has to do with flat-faced or "guideless" gap glides which are relatively advanced. Learning how to do "guided" glides first would likely be easier.

The second linked thread assumes that you already have a basic working knowledge of how to do guided glides and what they look like but if you're able to make it through the whole thread you'll probably learn something.

I'm not sure that there's a good guide for just plain ol' guided glides aside from word of mouth. Is there a particular glide you're hoping to achieve?

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if you want the best free glide for training, i recommend tvr! map22 or 1024clau map01. both face north, a glide-friendly direction. because you don't know what exact "feeling" you're looking for, you might want to make it as easy as possible. this means:

go to the glide gap and be sure you face the exact direction. turn off horizontal mouse turning completely and put vertical mouse movement to 1 notch over nothing. now find the exact gliding spot with just strafing and start pushing mouse forward very slowly - you want to produce a stream of GF1 tics. you don't have to worry about looking away with horizontal mouse movement, just about pressing too hard and drifting left.

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