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Hexen: The Adept v1.1 Released! (1/27/12)

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What is The Adept?
A WIP weapons mini-mod for Hexen. It adds a new class; the Adept, a wizard that can use any Fighter, Cleric or Mage weapon.

However, each weapon is rated by its encumberance, both physical and mental. The heavy Hammer of Retribution encumbers you more than Timon's Axe, and the Bloodscourge is more taxing on you than the Frost Shards. To take on a new weapon, you may have to drop one you're presently carrying.

Make sure you bind a key to The Adept's new "Drop Weapon" function (check the bottom of the Customize Controls menu, by default it is bound to "f"). G/ZDoom's regular "Drop Weapon" key will make things go screwy, as encumberance will not be removed when you drop a weapon.

Pickup sprites for the Sapphire Wand and Fighter's Gauntlets are edits of Heretic sprites.

No screenshots, as they wouldn't look any different from vanilla Hexen. But you do get the download!

Download The Adept - Version 1.1

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Version 1.1 of The Adept is now out! Check the first post for the download.

V1.1 Changelog:
-Class selection is now unavailable. Allowing the vanilla classes to be selectable was preventing me from doing the following:

-The weapon piece system has been rebuilt from the ground up, which fixes a number of things: The Bloodscourge, Wraithverge and Quietus now encumber you as they should, and you're actually getting the correct weapon now, which means you don't "lose" it when changing hubs, and its selectable after being deselected.

-Weapon pieces now appear in your inventory and can be dropped by selecting then and pressing the "Use Inventory" key. Once you complete a weapon, its pieces will be automatically removed.

-Dropping weapons caused encumberance to be removed incorrectly; it was relieving you of more weight than the weapon gave you in the first place. This has been fixed.

-The player cannot pick up and carry more than one "built" weapon (i.e. Quietus, Wraithverge and Bloodscourge), even if their encumberance is low enough.

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