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Realistic mountain level

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sgt dopey said:

No none that I know of any way there probably wouldnt be one for vanilla doom due to technical limitations

As long as you can cram a few mountains in the 65536x65536 (or was it 32768x32768) Doom space, it should work in limit-removing ports. They won't be realistically big, but will be more than enough for gameplay. Note that mountains don't imply multi-story maps, so they should work in Doom. Use portals to make sure cabins work without having to be as tall as the mountains. Or simply caves.

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I'm planning some realistic mountain maps to my own mapset. However it's Boom-compatible stuff, not Vanilla.

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GoatLord said:

Someone should make a level that looks like the boxart.

I'm gonna be audacious again and say Doom 3/Rage etc.

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