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dm2conv help

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I converted Doom2 (v1.9) maps to Heretic, moved the modified heretic (v1.3) IWAD to the DOS Heretic directory owerwriting the original wad. When I try to run it, I get an error message ''W_GetNumForName: Loading not found!''.
Could anyone help me so I can play Doom2 maps in heretic for DOS?

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I suspect you've run in to this problem, though you might be able to get around it by using SLADE to rename maps if most are still in the MAP** format.



Multi-level pwads can create problems with DOOM II because the level sequence cannot be replicated: DOOM has 3 episodes, each with 8 levels and 1 secret level, while DOOM II has 30 levels, 1 secret level and 1 super-secret level.
This means that accessing the secret level in a wad will load the 31th level of DOOM II instead of the ExM9 level of DOOM. For the same reason, DOOM II level converted for HERETIC must consist of less than nine maps.

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I try that. But I'm getting error ''cannot open file: c:\[location]\doom.wad'' when it's copying source to destination. The way I typed it was ''dm2conv c:\...\doom(.wad) c:\...\heretic @:UDTOH''. I think I forgot the commands, or it's a bug.

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