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Single level beginner wad Released

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This is a short doom2 only level (It shoulkd be compatible with most source ports now.) That takes about a minute or two to max. There are two secrets almost 90 enemy's and a few basic traps and puzzles. It is for map01. It is also currently unnamed and might have more levels added to it soon. Here is the screen shot for proof.

Here is the download link for version two
I will very much appreciate criticism

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Not bad. Here are some things you should work on:

Visuals: You exhibit strong texture matching qualities.
Gameplay: its a walk-&-stop experience...not really exciting
Flow: flow of the level was consistent, but the fights were boring and easy.
Layout: Excessively cramped and linear. Try adding more branches to explore with side quests to reveal yet even more passages.
Compatibility: yeah not sure why its zdoom. I did see that flat being used a wall tex, but you can easily just port that over and make it vanilla compatible. Unless your going heavy with scripting, just stick to vanilla or boom comp.

1-first encounter, stuck zombie
2-lower unpeg your door sidedefs so they dont move with door
3-lots of misaligned textures

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Thanks will work on that
Edit: I Think i unpeged all the sides of the doors and i fixed all the misaligned textures i could find and working on removeing zdoom requirements.
Edit 2: couldn't get it to work with chocolate doom but managed to get it working with prboom+ might do some experimenting tomorrow with different things to make things less stop and go might even throw in a few extra areas as well see if i can fit them in will upload v2 tonight though.
Edit 3: version two is uploaded it contains various fixes (or at least they should be fixed) I couldent replicate the zombies getting stuck but I gave them more room anyways.

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Just had a play of this. Not bad for a first level.

I agree with most of what fiend of hell said too. Using more interconnected passageways would allow monsters to come at you from different angles, unexpectedly. Also careful use of making monsters deaf or not deaf can also be use to keep players on their toes. Deaf monsters will hunt you from anywhere on the level as soon as they hear a noise from you, unless the sound is blocked by a closed door or a block-sound linedef. (Or unless they are in a completely detached area.)

But overall, this map is a good start. You sure have all the basic mapping stuff down. Keep it up. :)

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Your locked doors aren't flagged as such. I would focus less on small details (such as cutting tiles out of the floor), and more on the bigger picture for a more solid aesthetic. What I mean is, try using height variation and textures to present visual appeal rather than empty rooms with 1x1 grid details.

Linearity isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. But, here the level simply moves in a shapeless line. Next time, try to think of what kind of overall shape the flow of the level will make. This will help with your level's sense of cohesiveness and inter-connectivity. It's interesting to revisit an early area of the map from a different point of view.

Take E1M1 for example. The entire layout takes place in sort of a C-shape which is centered around one set piece that can be viewed from almost every angle of the map. The player can also gaze outside the window and see parts of the map he/she has visited/will visit. This adds to your map's sense of place.

I think with more practice you'll be able to do it. A layout with good flow is key to a great map. Try just building something that's fun to run around in. You don't even need to texture it or add any monsters. Once you've got that, you can go from there.

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