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PANOPHOBIA - Community Project (Let's get this going again shall we! )

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I'm starting work on the new level, making it about 3-4 minutes long, with the theme being the fear of the color red. Instead of being map06, I was thinking of rearranging the mapset a little bit to compliment the progression.

03 - my map
04 - Blood Urge (or Pain Consumes)
05 - Pain Consumes (or Blood Urge)
06 - Spellbound

I'm basically designing a easy/moderately difficult level with the RL as the biggest weapon given, and as such I feel that it'd take Pain Consumes' spot better. The only problem is that it'd push Pain Consumes closer to Drowning, which are similar in theme. But as it stands, I still think Pain Consumes is too rough to be put in so early on.


Zipped through your map with IDDQD on major, liked the changes that I saw like the little bits of detail that make the map more rustic (cracks in the floor, rubble lying around). A few quick notes

Is this the new starting area? Because I really like the starting area in the original map since you jump from platform to platform in a sea of death. This area doesn't quite have the "oomph" of that.

The walls of the tele island in cyberdemon arena are untextured when it reveals. And the lift needs to be a different texture, preferably with one of the SW faces so you can tell that you can activate it.

Manc area looks and plays great from my quick fight (but I guess I just really like AVs)

Two teleporters still send you backwards in the level for no reason, which is annoying (the secret one in the RL room and the one near the end past the thin platforms with mancs shooting at you). Either send them to secret areas, or consider taking them out as they merely extend the time of the level for no reason. For the latter, as I suggested, make it send you forward in the level like the one directly ahead of it in the water does.

Finally, you just extended the run to the final area by a few seconds. My advice is to take a large chunk of the final area's ground and make it a thin and winding walkway, so you're forcing the player to speed through it to get to the exit before HKs overrun it, or you're giving them the option of taking all the HKs out and then walk over the thin platform area slowly. Make sure not to make the land right out of the tele destination too small though, as you want to provide the player with the option to fight the HKs there.

Also, the player needs to spend more time on the thin walkway with the mancubus' shooting at you, preferably with more 90 angle walkways as you can just run pretty much straight to the tele as it stands.

Sorry to point out some of these things and require more work from you as you've already worked your ass off on this project, but I'm just trying to make sure it plays as well as it can to a lot of other people. It's near completion, so you can probably rest easy soon (or easier at least).

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Dobugabumaru: Thank you once again. I was ready to pull out of this project until your feedback put me back on the path. So if my maps get accepted for the project, my first solo maps will have been published thanks to you.

* Whoops, after all the mind-numbing mods I made to the map, I left a second player 1 start by accident. You are supposed to start at the regular place, the little island in the middle of the sea. You probably also missed the nasty little upgrade to the Cacodemon attack at the start.

* The silver road section is way too short, you're right. I tried to make this map speedrun friendly due to its large size. This has happened at the expense of maxkills and exploration. Since this map has consumed a couple of weeks' worth of working hours, the player should at least be made to slow down and look at all the cool scenery.

* The "mountain" section after the silver road now has items and I can extend the player's wait time plus give the player less room to manoeuvre. I didn't want to get maniacal about forcing the player to fight. I'm not going for a Hell Revealed theme. You're right though, there is TOO much freedom to run through certain parts.

* I couldn't find any missing textures in the areas you stated, however I was bogged down with so many tweaks and revisions, so I'll check them out now.


* If I remove teleporters that go to earlier points in the map, the player may not be able to backtrack for 100% kills, or will at least be highly inconvenienced due to the nature of the map. Have you got a suggestion for this, or should I just leave it as-is?

* Added new teleporter-out points for teleporters in the water by the silver road so the player is not sent as far backwards as before, but will need his wits about him otherwise he's going straight back in the sea.

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You're welcome major, I thought it would be a shame for you to quit then since you already contributed so many maps and hours of work. For the teleport business, I'd consider putting the ones that send you back on an island in the water. If the player is going for 100% kills they're going to explore a lot more of the map anyway, so they're likely to find those hidden teles anyway. Also, not sure how much ammo is in the map, but you may want to teleport them to an elevated island in the first area with loads of ammo on it so they can clean up efficiently.

If you wanted to keep the reverse tele at the "silver area" with the mancs to keep the players on their toes, at least send it to the beginning of the walkway and not the previous area.


Your turn fiend. Played "Whispers in the Dark"

Honestly, the map works poorly as a "fear of being alone". I never felt alone during the whole map, and Spellbound covers that theme much better. However, the map works beautifully as a "fear of the dark" map, since nearly everything terrifying comes out of the dark (explosions, fireballs, AVs, cybies). And it is also a very dark map without being annoying since there's enough light for the player to see.

Like I stated during my quick run-through, the start needs to be change since it's too cryptic. I realized on this run that there's three switches you need to shoot, two in the dark and the one in the fire. One switch in the dark I think would be a good change of pace, but as it stands now I feel like most players won't stand for finding all three, and just IDCLEV to another level.

Inside the next room, few issues. Besides the misaligned wall, there seems to be something in the way, blocking me from running into the corner (pic). If I try and run into the corner from my point in that picture, I'll be blocked. Second, the SSG needs to be illuminated or something, because it's somewhat easy to miss unless you already know its there beforehand. Exploding barrels also come in pretty quickly, which is okay since you pick up a megasphere beforehand, but since the area is coated in darkness, you can't see what's damaging you.

Running back to the starting room, there's an untextured wall (pic). Also there's a room the right of that area that has ammo which I unable to nab (pic).

And then the map plays swimmingly well, being intimidating, open, frantic and fun, weaving in and out between shadow and light as baddies warp in. One of the best things about this map is that you continuously change the light and warp guys in seemingly randomly, and the "randomness" adds to the fear of the unknown which all good scary games possess. The AV coming in after one of the keys was a super fun fight in the dark, since you could only see where he was when he began igniting you.

However, I feel there's one megasphere too many (kind of, depends how well you avoid the exploding barrels) and I didn't have enough ammo to deal with the cybies at the end (more cell would've helped). The cybies are great in the core of the map, being able to fire at you from many angles.

I personally think it needs only some gameplay tweaks, since I love how it looks visually and how the player progresses through it. I can see this working well now as an early map, since it's not too taxing on the player, but given the big enemies and weapons given it still would work better not as MAP02.


Finally played through Vertigo Limit. Hell of a map fiend! Pat yourself on the back for this monstrosity! Architecture and music were perfect, making you feel fatigued due to all the encounters and trek upwards, but encouraging you to push and go further. Definitely the best map of our set IMO.

But onto the gripes:
Health was extremely sporadic. I found myself at about ~30% for the first four minutes, then once you opened the cages to the giant imp arena I never dropped below %100. While health is nearly perfect at the start for the penultimate level (I would've liked it if you left a couple stimpacks around the starting area, since the battles there are the fiercest due to low ammo and CG only), you go a little crazy with health in the big imp arena, placing down megaspheres and medikits like crazy.

Although, I beat the level with only 670 out of the 840-something monsters killed. I used IDDT and noted a bunch of monsters stuck in their rooms at the top left. Where were these bad boys? (pic) Perhaps I wouldn't have complained about the overabundance of health if they showed up.

But starting from the beginning, the pinkie at point where you tele to the Supercharge is stuck. Nothing else really goes wrong there, low health as I mentioned before, and I really like the arachnatron providing cover fire for his buddies. Really smart placement.

When you warp the AV in that area later though, the walls on the outside of the arena (near the switch and ammo) DON'T provide cover fire, which is pretty bad, since it forces you to kill him in one go. And then walking into the area that contains the SSG immediately triggers the zombiemen and sergeants to immediately warp in, which I think you should hold off on for about 1-2 seconds. This is because the player (or at least I was) tempted to fight them in the corner right away, which led to a LOT of deaths since I was low on ammo and health. Giving just a second of breathing room will allow the player to see the stairs down to the SSG without learning by death beforehand.

Second green armor of the map is unnecessary (on the lift to the imp arena). I had 190% left over from the blue armor so it was silly when the lift lowered with it on it. Imp arena also suffered from the same problem as the thing I mentioned in the previous paragraph, that you don't have enough ammo to outlast the fight when they move in on you, forcing you to learn by death that you need to cut your way through the horde with the BFG to get to the cells & health. This was a shame too because I liked the manc providing fire behind the player while the imps swarm out and the cacos approach from the sides. Going into the arena still provides a tough battle, but all the health bonuses negates the true danger of it.

The fights from there were fine, with various tense moments, but nothing as hectic as all the parts that come before it. On one elevator you have an HK and rev at the top of it, which is annoying since it'll force you to use the BFG to take them out. If you take out the HK it might allow the player to dance around the rev a little more, instead of playing the elevator game.

Also, what is with that secret exit? Fell off a cliff, I was running around and then I bumped into it. Seemed really out of place to me. And when I was climbing up one side of the mountain to hit a switch, I started to get hurt by a damaging floor. What was with that?

And only bits of the map show up when you look at it. Seems kinda confusing to me, as I expected all of it to show or not. And it’s not like bits of a landmark or anything, it’s just random slices all over the place, including that big invisible path. What was with that too? I wanted to go there!

I'm only pointing out all these issues because I enjoyed this map so much, and want it to be as awesome as it possibly can be. I LOVE the idea of keeping health and ammo near the edge of the map, so the hasty player will plummet to their death unless they’re more cautious. And the constant barrage of Lost Souls and cacos work well in this map since they cover all angles and push the player into situations they may not necessarily like.

And the elevator walls are misaligned and this imp is stuck (the one facing the wall). pic

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dobugabumaru: True, I would have been P.O.d to waste the hundreds of hours I've spent. I'll be uploading the semi-final version of Temple of Forgotten Gods (water) soon.

I am keen to get your opinion on a couple of ideas for map 1, "Welcome to Hell", so I'm sending you a PM. I've got some music in mind and have sketched a couple of areas in Doom Builder which I'll also include a link to. The PM will be with you today.

EDIT: Fiend, I would definitely like to do map 1 as I have several very good ideas and an amazing piece of music in mind.

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Shot you a message back Major.

Work on the new map is going fine, it's taking me forever to do each room, but I'm playtesting along the way. Should possibly have a playable version by the end of the week, but don't hold your breath. And as such, work on the Sigil is crawled to a stop for at least a bit, but I'm still adding in changes/details.

I have some open time too if anyone wants me to (re)test their maps.

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No probs mate, replied.

EDIT: Amended this post with new information.

* I am officially abandoning the Meat Train map. It needs some re-texturing and compatibility on a switch.

* Temple of Forgotten Gods (fear of water): 95% done - just needs playtesting and difficulty levels

[NEW INFO] * Map 01, Welcome To Hell (panophobia): 85% done - Covers agoraphobia, claustrophobia, fear of insanity, fear of crowds, fear of blood, fear of death and fear of the dark. Needs a playtest, needs the stone heads area to be finished, final section needs re-touching, exit area needs some work. The music for this map is awesome and it's a highly aggressive first map.

Good luck gents, and remember, if we miss the deadline there's always Panophobia 2... hopefully ;)

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Random idea: every map should start in a dark empty room where the phobias and their name are written to make obvious, which map belongs to which phobia.

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Players can probably look in the text file for the phobia, or we could just put it in parenthesis after the level name on the map screen (assuming the name will fit). I have nothing against the dark room idea if you guys wanted to take that path... I think it'd be easier to write the text out on the map though.

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I think with some maps it will be obvious, and I was planning a decent text file, but I'd be happy to write it on each map.

Updates to map 01: Welcome To Hell (panophobia)

* Now includes fear of water and fear of heights.

* Now includes fear of blood and fear of meat.

* Now includes fear of pain.

Each seperate fear gets a small tribute area. The water/heights section should make even seasoned Doomers feel uncomfortable. It's nearly ready for playtesting, I'm just making certain areas smaller as the player has way too much room to manoeuvre at the beginning. Expect an upload of map and music today.

EDIT: Here is map 01, Welcome to Hell, its soundtrack Everdream by Nightwish, plus a text file. Please play the music while you play the map or the effect of the start area is lost. I have made minor edits since the last upload of this map.


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I'm only seeing your text & midi file in the link Major, no map. Also, remember that you can use SLADE to import music files to your map as long as you rename the midi D_RUNNIN (since it's on MAP01)

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Finished the level, feedback time.

Overall, it's an interesting level. A lot of odd design choices strewn throughout, but it just helps add to the character of the map. It has a great length and interesting scenery choices without feeling jarring or too discombobulated. Here are some of the troubles:

The imp hold in the dirty water are locked in due to block monster lines. Don't know if this was intentional or not. Also, this pertains throughout almost every encounter, but it's really easy to just run away (besides the claustrophobia section). Not that there's anything wrong with it, since it punishes you by limiting your ammo. However, the punishment isn't severe since you're not wasting ammo on those enemies anyway so... it just seems inconvenient to fight all the guys is what I'm saying. It kind of fits with the map, since you're running from all the fears, but that makes it play less like a level and more like an experience.

The aquaphobia section needs to have the islands more spaced out, bigger, or raised. It is WAY too hard to see where you're supposed to jump to without mouselook, and will irritate players. Also, the boarders of the tomb section are kinda ugly. They might be better replaced with tombs bordering the the area, with the place you have to run into a tombstone itself.

Other people should give feedback too, as it is a peculiar map for the first slot, and I'm interested in their opinions.

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Thanks mate. I'm not holding my breath for feedback as only you and I are still active on this project, with the occasonal and very welcome appearance from TrueDude of course. I've put so many hours in I forget this isn't my own project.

This is how I sum up your feedback:

* The map has some unusual quality that is somewhat unsettling, but somehow works. This map was intentionally designed to my own specs rather than conforming to the norm. It is not supposed to look or play like a run of the mill map. I guess this has its drawbacks but I doubt people would forget the map, it's not "just another tech base".

* The player needs to be forced to fight a bit more. Perhaps the battles would simply be "better" if the player was cut off from the rest of the map and had to fight the bad guys. I tried putting health and ammo in the Caco area to force the player to explore and fight, and the Imps were penned in to force the player to go in and fight if he wants to hit the switch. I have ideas that can be implemented within the hour to address the issues you've raised.

I'm not sure if you enjoyed playing the map, or thought the music suited it, or thought the map was actually good-looking. I need more info on the "odd" choices; don't want the map getting criticised for looking like a turd in the Christmas 2014 /Newstuff review.

As for the rest, I can do that.

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Okay, sorry about some of the vague feedback, I just wasn't sure how to describe it.

Music fits the level well, sprinkling it with a sense of intrigue and action. It's a good choice.

Personally to me, levels can be divided into two categories: gameplay and visuals. They can both be combined together (along with the music) to form a sense of atmosphere, which is usually the most important effect in my opinion. It's just about if the gameplay matches the visuals.

Visually, your level is strong. It's not filled with a bunch of dense details but sparse and unique details sprinkled throughout. It feels like a trip, sending you from area to area, having you explore nooks and crannies and scrounging around for ammo bits. The upsidown glowing area is definitely the most memorable; the glow really helped that are feel unnatural.

Gameplay wise, personally your level is odd, as I've indicated above. It's not just that you can run past a lot of fights, it's that the player also has no incentive to do so. I replayed the map and the first battle just feels exhaustive: only equipped with the SG and chaingun (and not much ammo to boot), the player feels no need to fight all the cacos and HKs. Imps? Sure. But the other monsters are such a non-threat that you'd have to be blind in order to let them hit you. Because of that, they're easily skipped. Maybe it'd be better to have all the cages filled with imps, maybe with one HK and caco in there to catch the player's eye. Otherwise they can be (and will be) ignored.

In the next area, you use a smart combination of 3 cacos and PE, but the thing is they're not necessary to fight at all, since the player can skip them too by waiting for the wall to lower. Even if you made the switch behind them lower the wall to move on, I still feel like the player is more tempted to dance around them and conserve ammo than deal with them, since they're a non-threat. Like the imps firing on you from behind.

Beyond that, the RL fight with the revs are good, since revenants are enemies that you CANNOT simply ignore due to their speed and tracking projectiles. Also some of the columns here are (I think) pegged, so you might want to unpeg them since they look weird when they lower (or peg them, whatever)

Tunnels are a great part, but that's because you're forcing the player to deal with the monsters there. Although after the first lost soul, you don't need three in a row right afterwards, as they pose no threat. Instead, focus on putting them at 90 degree angles perpendicular to the tunnel, so when the player runs by the lost soul starts hunting them. Baron and HK are good, threatening in a such a small space.

Already explained my issues with the water part. Also, the scenery is kind of bare. Maybe you could expand the boundaries, and/or add in a bunch of random columns the same color as those you have to run on, just to make it not look so empty.

Tombstone area is another one where there are just so many enemies and no SSG/PG to deal with them, so you end up waiting for the exit lift to lower and running straight in. That and the lifts take so achingly long to lower down when you're waiting for them that it makes you want to skip the ammo rather than pick it up. The area is also so big that neither the Lost Souls nor revenants actually do damage to you, unless you're trying to fight them.

Sky-ground area is awesome, and what helps so much is that the revs blend in with the background when it gets dark, so you can only notice them by their feet. It's a very cool idea, and I had a Lost Soul follow me in and cause chaos since he could use the darkness to cover when he starts charging, which was kinda cool. Might want to put some lost souls in there (no PE though, that'd be too cruel). Meat hallway looks neat, but again, you can run straight to the end and skip everyone. You might want to put a baron protecting the exit, maybe use block monster lines so the player can't sneak around him when he would leave.

And it's hard to fix some things, because of how big the areas are. Hitscanners like zombies and sergeants might fit better at the starting area (maybe put them in the caco/HK holds instead), but any projectile enemy can be easily strafed there. Same with the tombstone area. But I like the expansive feel of both areas... the tombstones need to be big and large to express that fear of death, and the intro needs to be a vast area to frighten the player when they first arrive. I kept describing it as odd, because it plays unnaturally (run away from the demons all the time), and in a way I do like that. I like knowing there are demons at my heels, and that I don't have the arsenal to deal with them. But people who play to 100% it will NOT like that, so it's hard to say.

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Wow... just wow. I won't get a more helpful run-down of my maps from anyone else, I'm sure.

The agoraphobia area is too damn big for an early map. It was originally intended for the player to explore, to find ammo and see weird sights. A couple of boss monsters wandering about would change this area completely; that would have made it a fun map in its own right, like the PSX "Marshes" map. Can't do that on map 01 though.

I will have a think about making the playing area less expansive, so the player is much closer to the enemies. There are a bunch of Imps released from a cave just before the Caco/PE bit. I might force the player to get trapped between two waves of Imps there. Scavenging ammo earlier in the map would help with this part. I'll swap the more powerful monsters for hitscanners and maybe a few more Revenants.

Perhaps adding necessary and not just optional switches in the monster caves at the beginning, plus some block monster lines or a raised platform or something in each cave so that some monsters have to guard the switches?

As for weapons, I didn't want the player getting the best guns straight away and plowing through the baddies. If the player has an SSG then being trapped with a Baron and a few Knights is much less scary. It's better to force the player to fight with a shotgun that is not powerful enough, or chance it with the rocket launcher and splash his own brains across the map.

I can implement these changes without much difficulty. At this rate, the Spider map might not get finished at all - how ironic would that be after all the trouble it's caused ;)

EDIT: How about the player simply teleporting into the graveyard then teleporting straight back out as soon as he moves, giving it barely a moment to register and therefore potentially playing on his mind? I'd just get rid of the boundary walls and all the monsters. It would save time and could be awesome.

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You could probably put in some hitscanners in the starting area without reducing the size. They work wonders in large places and are almost always dangerous. And I agree with keeping the SSG out of the map, I was just pointing out that due to that, it causes the player to be more hesitant in fighting the bigger monsters.

The new tombstone idea sounds pretty good. You should also use that giant skull you put in the first edition you sent to me. Maybe make the lighting darker and change the background to something like redrock. Up to you. Remember to make the warp lines a little further away from the player, as the teleport animation sprite will block their view for like a whole second, so they might not see where they warp into before they warp out.

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Ok, I'll make the changes we discussed and then provisionally sign the map as done as I still need to finish two more.

I'll be reducing the size of Fear of the Past. I'm going to make the Spiderland map more conventional, a hunt against powerful monsters in an open environment which is contained within a kind of crater. The player won't just be wandering off into nowhere as in Welcome to Hell (map 1).

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Also, don't be afraid to make a map short. It'd be better to give the player a finite experience which is well crafted, than a large open level with areas that need more tinkerin'. After that, feel free to send any maps my way, I'll try and get back to you with feedback within 24 hours.

I'm currently working on both my maps are at agonizing pace, since I can only do a room a day due to the stupid amount of details I feel are necessary to put in. Can't say when a playable version of my "fear of the color red" map will be up, since I have the layout on paper, but making sure the level actually looks/plays good is a different story. I'm going to try and roughly finish the height/size of the rooms today, fill it with placeholder enemies, and see how it fares. It's a short level in theory, but I'm finding myself putting in quite a lot of enemies in an attempt to make it interesting... so it won't be an intermission style level after all.

And yes, I see the irony in my post compared to what I said to you. If it comes down to it, I'll shave off some rooms.

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I'll be happy to give them a playtest mate. It is very difficult to know where to draw the line between detail and mapping speed, especially when there are so many beautiful maps whose build times were estimated as two weeks. Two weeks of full time work, perhaps.

Is this project even going to be ready by the end of October? Where is Fiend?

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Still around Gents. I've been monitoring the posts all along.

Thanks dobugabumaru for the in depth analysis of my maps and helping out Major with his levels! I'll see if later today I can do some more play testing and follow up on more that has been said.

This weekend I plan to release another pack update with some comments. I'll definitely get to that!

So ok, ill be playtesting the latest map submission throughout the coming days. They include:
-TrueDude's Pain Consumes v5
-Major's Temple v3?
-Major's Welcome to Hell v1

Um Major, you should have waited on my approval for that map submission, especially now that the build phase is over and your requesting for it to take the almighty map slot 1. I have yet to start'er up, but now that you took the initiative, its only fair to tell you that it may get modified either by me or someone else or pushed back as I see fit in order to make this project the best it could be. Nothing personal. Like for instance the name. I'd prefer "Welcome to Fear" and not "Welcome to Hell".

@Dobug: It'd be nice if you could make the Fear of Red map a Dead Simple style of map with arachnos and Muncs, but if you don't wanna and you want to just keep it short and fun, that's ok too.

@Major: I'll take BloodyAcid's Meat Train off your hands since I'm putting the finishing touches on the next release of Blood Urge.

@Katamori: I like that idea about having the phobia written at the beginning of the map... I might implement on the next release.

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@TrueDude: Played through Pain Consumes v5. Sorry I havn't payed closer attention to your map before.


Overall I thought you played it a little to safe and conventional here. I would like to see you play around more with lighting and more complex less blocky architecture. Since your phobia is the fear of pain, why not utilize pain elementals more and use them in some interesting situations.

On the technical side, You'll see in my FDA how easy it is to get passed certain situations. Also, be more consistent with the damaging floors. There were various points throughout the map where I though I would get hurt by stepping on it but nothing happened.

Work on those for now TrueDude and I I'd you'd have a pretty good map on your hands.

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@Major: Play tested Welcome to Hell v1...


Good Points:
+phobia inducing elements are very neat a creative like the giant tombstone and the sky floor.

Bad Points:
-Again, like your other levels, they ant very engaging and the player can pretty much run right past the monsters. Like Dobug said, staying to pick a fight is a just to much work for nothing. Plus, there is not enough ammo around anyways.

It'll have to be altered in order for it work as a map 1 level. Major, cut back on the exploratory, sand-boxy, open-endedness. They do not make for very interesting levels especially in a game like Doom where the fun comes from the way the player engages with the monsters. The way the level is built affects this vastly.

Major, given the amount of time left for this project and your level of experience mapping, I would say at this juncture that although your contributions are highly appreciated, I kindly request you stop. And here is the reason, I will need to touch them up quite a bit to make them work with the rest of the project, so if you provide updates, it gonna be like spinning your wheels in mud. At this point your ideas and my ideas about how the project should be laid out vary quite a bit, so I don't have the time to get you on the same wavelength. Again, nothing personal Major. I really hope you don't take it the wrong way. I'll make sure get fully credited for all your levels and that any text files you have provided will be included with the final release.

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I've made no more progress on my maps, as I was burning out. Fear of Water and Panophobia are both nearly done, requiring minor tweaks and a re-designing of the graveyard area in the Panophobia map.

Spiderland will be much smaller and may be a boss fight. It will not be epic in size. As for fear of the past, I do not possess the mapping skill to improve the outdoor area, so may scale my intentions down.

All four maps should be done but it will be cutting things very close. If I knew from the beginning of the project what I know now, the maps would all be finished.

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Hmm, another double-post.

Are we still aiming for a Hallowe'en release?

Can everyone who's still a part of this project check in and provide any updates?

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Steady as she goes. Trying to pump out my new map before the 20th (its about 40%, skeleton layout is there but the enemy composition is still a big mess) and I've been slaving away at it but my progress has been meager since I'm so damn slow at mapping. House 1 and 2 in the Sigil are 99% finalized. Need to fix a whole other host of areas, and I'll get straight to it as soon as I boot this map out the door.

I'm confident we can still make the Halloween release, and I hope we do because I'm kinda sick of my own maps by this point. Still down for playtesting though in case anyone is in need of it.

You really should put some maps up for fiend to help co-author major, since I'm not sure he's doing anything right now. Plus it'll give you time to focus on a smaller amount of maps, like 1 or 2. I don't agree with fiend in that you should stop altogether, I just think you really need to hone your skills on a single map than stretching yourself thin over multiple maps.

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I can probably finish my map by/for next week for the 31st release. Maybe an additional map if I have time.

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Pain Consumes v5.5

Detailed a couple of the rooms better and improved a couple areas. Kinda stumped with the second half of the yellow key room, though. (I did make it so you can't get trapped and the floor hurts you now at least.)

Also could you change my name in the credits from TrueDude to Death Egg please?

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Slaving away myself trying to finish Blood Urge. I would post pics, but there a lot of visuals I still need to work on. It'll be designed for an early stage slot which there seems to be a lack of :D. Anywho you naysayers, yes this project will be done and released by Holloween!

@Death Egg: Yes sir! TrueDude is no more!

Missed out again on another compilation. I'll really try to get it done by this week!

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