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Deathmatch Weapon Shrines

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One of my favorite things about the designs of deathmatch maps, is when the weapons are treated almost like sacred artifacts (as opposed to being boarishly plopped on the floor). They're presented on some kinda of decorative pedestal or altar or slot in the wall or something. I always found this to be a really awesome attribute for deathmatch maps as it draws the player into grabbing the weapons, and makes the map feel more like an environment that exists purely for people to kill each other.


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Avoozl said:

The architecture in that shot looks very pleasing.

Agree. There are some deathmatch maps around the web that deserve a gameplaying. Unfortenely, this new "gaming sociaty" is a garbage who buy the same sh*tt* shooter games.

DOOM's the man. The legend. The king.

Nuff said.

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Agreed, it's a very nice touch for DM as well as for SP. I personally prefer shrines that are difficult or tricky to access, that make you work for the treat, kinda like the BFG in GothicDM's map02, but I don't think that would fully classify as a shrine, it just doesn't look like you were meant to worship it, and even though I have seen proper weapon shrines in many wads, right now I'm having trouble remembering specifics.

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