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My sudden bashing of Gamespy

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Long ago, before I found doomworld, in my search for a doom place I could call home, I tried checking if there was a "www.planetdoom.com" like with all the other games. Afterall, gamespy supports it on their site, they have quake and duke, therefor, they will have doom, right? Wrong. That was the beginning of last summer. I check back now, they have virtually left the site untouched, with no real layout, just a page with a paragraph stating something brief about the doom 3 vid. They don't even have a picture of the box or a screenshot where it should be, most of the game profile isn't filled in and the system requirement's are "unknown." I was feeling particularly irritable just now, and out of curiousity double-checked to see if the site had been worked on and found what I just did. Just wanted to vent here. Gamespy just irritates me alot now, don't know why.

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gamespy has always been annoying. they are like the game ego of Microsoft, trying to take control of everything from Muiltplayer to downloading demos.

its community are full of jackasses and all they can do is rant and rave about stupid things.

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The thing about Gayspy that makes me volatile is their writers. If I see another top ten this or top fifty that I'm going to shit a brick and hurl it through their window.

I'm glad, though, that I can now finally get gaming opinions by the spoonful from authors that still laugh at dick and fart jokes and are paid by game advertisements. Gee, how well did they rate RTCW again? Oh yeah.

Gee, which site pushes Counter-Strike on a daily basis?

You know, in all actuality, we should be fucking grateful that Gayspy exists. I can sum that up pretty easily too.

1: They host game mod projects, saving bandwidth for sites that actually have content.
2: They hose game files, saving bandwidth for sites that actually have content.
3: They're a magnet for all the dickwits and assclowns, saving us from dealing with those morons.
4: GaySpy Arcade is a perfect example of how NOT to make a game launcher.

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