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Mandrill.wad song list?

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Can anybody help me identify a few MIDI songs from this?

My breakdown so far is:
MM_INTRO: MIDI version of Funky Colonel Bill from Spear of Destiny
MM_SILEN: Taking the Death Toll from Duke Nukem 3D.
MM_CIRCT: CARMID03 from the unused Carmageddon MIDIs
MM_VIRTL: The Demons from Adrian's Pen, nuff said
MM_CHOCO: Backroad Wanderer, from Memento Mori II (MAP10)

MM_MATRX: No idea
MM_SURFR: No idea, probably a MIDIfied song rather than a game track
MM_RONGO: No idea, probably a MIDIfied song rather than a game track
MM_MEAT: No idea, and yet I'm sure I've heard it before already in a Doom mod.
MM_LSD: No idea, but it sounds very Bobby Princesque.

MM_SKY: Between Levels, suff naid
MM_HEAVN: No idea, doesn't sound like a game track either

I'm mostly interested in MM_MEAT and MM_LSD; but if you know anything about the other four unidentified, don't hesitate.

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MM_RONGO is a MIDI version of "Misirlou", more popularly known as the theme to Pulp Fiction.

MM_LSD is "Surface" by stewboy/Forty-Two. It was first used in MAP01 of Speed of Doom.

MM_MEAT is "Excalibur" by Bobby Prince - it's from ROTT, and has been used in a number of megawads, including Hell Revealed, Alien Vendetta and Kama Sutra.

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I forgot MM_MATRX, any idea for that one?

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