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Looking for the Metabolist... Go fish?

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I am a small time musician in a rock band interested in covering a song by Sam "Metabolist" Woodman & Grave from the Doom 2 WAD: Hell Revealed II at live shows and on an album.
I'm trying to do this the legit way and am going through great pains to get permission from them by tracking these guys down but...

I've tried a bunch of emails that are now dead (that came with the HR II .txt), and worked backwards to contact almost the entire HRII team. According to them Grave's only point of contact in the Doom community was Sam, who none of them kept in contact with and who has dropped off the face of the internet.
I checked with the Plutonia II team and the Harmony team (Sam worked with both) and it was suggested that I check here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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qoncept said:

I thought there were no restrictions on publicly playing cover songs?

Technically there's a performance copyright, but that should be covered and payed for by the venues and not the artist(s).

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