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Platinum Shell

How would I remove a reload animation from this weapon mod?

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Hello, I've been playing Shooting Monsters and Guns for awhile now, but I always would have liked to take out the flip-reload animation from the Winchester for ONLY when DG is holding it with both hands; all other times he fires it dual-wield, flip reload is ok.

Thanks for all of the help! (if any)

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Thank you very much, Phi. You have perhaps made my alltime favorite DooM mod. Honestly, it deserves alot more views.

Thanks, again, for all your hard work in this mod. Everything just feels so....right. Perfect, I guess.

One question; I've been alternating between dual Makarovs and the RPK, could you make a tiny comparion list between the two? You know, the master of this mod has a much better grasp on it than I.

But thank you, I love both reload animations, just want to fiddle around with the Winchester. Thanks!

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