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Platinum Shell

Can (G)Z-DooM play high-quality OGG music? (and how do I make a wad with them)

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I've obtained all of the DooM 2 tracks in high-quality .ogg format, and would like to know if they are compatible with the aforementiond ports, along with how I would go about making a .wad file to put them into.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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They will indeed work. You just insert them into the wad as-in (no conversion) and name them appropriately ("D_RUNNIN", "D_STALKS", etc). If you want them to have have different lump names from the original music names, you'll need to create a MAPINFO/ZMAPINFO lump inside the wad to define which music lump you want to use for each map.

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