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DooM 2 Official HQ-Tracks (version 1.1)

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Hello! I've compiled a wad with all of Suiton1's DooM 2 songs (WITH Suiton's permission, and the tracks are from Bobby's CD track)

Since Suiton gave me permission to do so on all of his DooM track-videos, I might get around to Ultimate as well. Stay tuned, as the thread might change. But for now...

DooM 2 High-Quality Soundtrack: Here

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Music seems to be doing pretty well, only concern are the minor cutoffs at the end of some songs, but I might just buy the CD itself and patch this little annoyance for ya. But it shouldn't be a major concern, it's so minor, and meanwhile your running away from balls of fire/lightning/slime and gunfire.

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