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Differences between Boom and Doom2 engines

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What exactly is the difference between Boom and Doom 2? I'm thinking I'm gonna map in one of those engines later down the road. Just wanted to know the key differences and compatibility with source ports, etc.

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Boom is mostly the same as doom 2 in function, as that was mostly it's goal. It adds a number of features like scrolling floors and generalized lindefs action similar to UDMF format. Doom 2 is the very bottom of the totem pole in features and whatnot. What DB2 gives you to work with is pretty much all there is outside of mapping quirks and tricks.

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In terms of editing in boom, you get a ton of new features (as mentioned previously). Scrolling floors alone open up the door to a wide range of possibilities including conveyor belts and voodoo doll logic. It doesn't get the job done as elegantly as zdoom, but hey, its just one notch below the difficulty level of mapping for. On top of that, you can you use BEX style lumps with your wads which easily modify iwad resources and things.

Also, since most common ports have boom support, its a safe bet that most users will be able to play it. As you will quickly find out, people around here are adamantly opposed to the idea that all wads should run only on zdoom. The only time this may ever be is when a wad uses scripts and zdoom only features heavily.

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