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A good all-around mod [jumping, hi-res pack et al.]

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Okaaay... so, a couple of boring questions:

-Is there a mod that integrates Doom1 levels, Doom2 levels and Final Doom levels into a single game?
-What's the name of the client that lets you aim and jump? You know, the one Cloud8745 used in his Doom2 walkthrough,
-What's the latest hi-res pack around? I want things to look exactly like they did in the original game, so no "re-designed" weapons and enemies... (most of the time it just looks BAD). Only improved/less pixelated sprites.

Hope that's not a bannable set of questions with the "SEE FAQ" answer :P


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Cloud used Doomsday I believe but a lot of modern source ports use free look and jumping / crouching (ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, Risen3D, etc).

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