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R3DEdit Controls

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I finally got R3DEdit for DeePsea to work for doom level editing, but I am unfamiliar with the controls. Does anyone know where I can find a links or file with them?

Sincere Newbie,

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Given that R3DEdit is just a modified copy of Risen3D, you can use the game setup menu to tweak how it behaves.

One of the most useful keys I find is F11 which toggles fullbright mode.

I would suggest that you disable the W key (its an option in the launch dialogue). I was forever hitting W by accident when I was in R3DE and doing so quits the game/editor and puts you back to DeePsea without an "are you sure" message. Disabling the W key means that you have to use the more normal game-quitting routines.

As another tip, if you are editing with ZDoom and want to use textures on the floor/ceiling, uncheck the HiRes Flats option otherwise it won't show anything bigger than 64x64 properly (it tried to auto-scale them to 64x64).

Unfortunately, with the last couple of versions there is a bug with the naming of textures on the floor/ceiling. If you point at a texture (flats are OK) on the floor/ceiling, R3DE will report an incorrect and pretty random name (that of some other lump in the WAD). R3DE only displays the wrong name, it does not put the wrong item on the floor/ceiling so you can still edit the sector. Jack Vermeulen is aware of the issue but he has other priorities than DeePsea ATM.

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