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RELIVEx2 (demo)

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Yay, here is a demo of my another project. I enjoy starting new projects much more than finishing old projects, so it will take maybe 10 years for me to complete this thing.

Anyway, RELIVEx2 is a tribute to "Phobos - Relive the Nightmare", which is probably the best wad by Shamus Young. It is vanilla compatible but there is some tutti-frutti, so you better use a port. This demo version contains 2 maps.

Download - http://speedy.sh/FSuqc/RELIVEx2-demo.ziptim

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Memfis said:
there is some tutti-frutti

With the texture STEP5 in map 02 right ? Easily fixed by just removing the lower and upper unpegged flag for those lines which use the texture.

... fun to play ...

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